Tree House Tea Collection (bags)

Tree House Tea Collection (bags)

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rocket fuel
Rocket Fuel
A powerful tea to provide the energy you need to travel fast and far, and visit new worlds, like Venus and Mars.

blended with green rooibos tea, apple pieces, raspberry leaves, orange peels, blueberries, natural orange flavor, natural blueberry flavor, marigold flowers & blue cornflowers
A delicious tea to help you roar louder, roam wider and grow up big and strong, just like a real T. Rex.

blended with honeybush tea, apple pieces, cocoa nibs, dark chocolate chips (contains soy lecithin), raspberries, natural chocolate flavor, dried cherries, natural wild cherry flavor & safflower
monster brew
Monster Brew
A flavorful tea to help you battle demons and monsters, including the few that like to hide under the bed.

blended with honeybush tea, green rooibos tea, raspberry leaves, orange peels, cocoa nibs, dark chocolate chips (contains soy lecithin), dried coconut, strawberries, natural wild cherry flavor, apricots, dried cherries & natural orange flavor